McAfee vs Avast vs Norton: A top-Notched Trio

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Today we will talk about McAfee vs Avast vs Norton. Namely, what each of them can offer its users?


Real-time protection has proven high performance in PCMag’s own tests. Many antiviruses start scanning files when there is minimal access to them, for example, when reading file attributes from Windows Explorer. Antivirus does not scan programs until they are executed.

Good anti-malware and phishing protection

In almost all test cases, the antivirus quarantined the sample before the process appeared in the Task Manager. In addition to the pop-up notification that the file was isolated, the system error message “Insufficient system resources to complete the service” was also displayed.


  • Cross-platform protection for multiple devices;
  • Good results in our own threat protection tests;
  • Includes firewall, file shredder and many additional security features.


  • Average results in laboratory tests;
  • When testing, there were problems with the operation of the webadvisor reporting service.

Avast Free Antivirus

The popularity of this product is so great because it is an antivirus package containing a complete set of tools that protect your computer from cyber threats from the Internet, coming with e-mail, hiding in local files, instant messages and external storage devices.

Tests and comparisons showed that the antivirus is not inferior to such reputable commercial programs as McAfee or Norton in the reliability of continuously provided antivirus protection. Even though the latter requires a substantial annual maintenance fee, while this application is distributed absolutely free.

Basic Functions:

  1. Provides system protection when attempting viral invasion;
  2. Full protection against viruses, spyware, trojans, computer worms, and other cyber infections;
  3. Real-time protection of all system files, incoming e-mail, instant messages, all downloads from the Internet and external media.


  • Control of system processes.
  • Regular updating of virus databases and the application itself in automatic mode;
  • The vast experience of developers in antivirus protection;
  • Compatible with all versions of the Windows operating system, starting with XP;
  • A full system scan takes no more than 15 minutes.


  • The program is forbidden to use in business, a free license only for home and educational purposes;
  • Conflicts with other antivirus packages.

Norton Antivirus

Studying such a program requires an integrated approach. Considering the advantages and disadvantages of Norton, let’s start with the positive aspects


  • High-level protection. The program is characterized by the presence of modern security modules;
  • Flexible settings. You can choose a scanning method, scanned folders and hard disks, configure the work schedule and the degree of load;
  • Intuitive and intuitive interface. The program has a convenient menu that even an inexperienced user can understand;
  • Quality support. Application software modules are regularly updated and improved;
  • If you are still in doubt about the purchase, you can activate the trial version for 30-90 days and evaluate all the features of the antivirus.


  • The high cost of the paid version. Despite the presence of demo mode, after the end of the trial period you have to pay the full amount of the subscription;
  • PC requirements. The application requires a lot of system resources for comprehensive work. This is especially noticeable with a full scan.


It is evident that each of these antiviruses is in the top 5 most frequently used and effective in the world. Therefore, consider as a favorite the one that will be most useful to you. Besides, keep in mind the price factor and choose the worthiest application.

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