Top Antivirus Comparison Guide: Avira vs Avast in 2020

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Today, we’ll compare two widespread antivirus programs, Avira vs Avast in 2020. It’s essential to understand the following information as it assists you in choosing the most suitable and reliable protection for your household gadgets. So, let’s review the peculiarities of Avira and Avast’s interface, features, protection, and prices.

A brief review:

  1. Features – Avast;
  2. Protection levels – Avira;
  3. System impact – Avast;
  4. Interface – Avast;
  5. Price – Avira.

As we see, Avast is a leader in almost every category. Let’s find out why discussing every aspect mentioned above.


Comparing Avast to Avira, it’s obvious that Avast offers a wise selection of features and extra tools that secure your device from all kinds of threats. The software brings a safe browser, a Wi-Fi inspector, an email filter, Sandbox, and a selection of optimization tools. The latter are a data shredder, software updater, a cleanup tool, etc.

Avira, on the contrary, offers HomeGuard utility, an email filter, a smart firewall, ransomware protection, a password manager, software updater, etc. The most luxurious bundle also delivers a VPN, optimization tools, and Avira mobile apps.

Protection Levels

Malware protection is one of the key factors when choosing an antivirus program. Choosing from these two, Avira got in the lead. Independent tests have proved that Avira delivers better protection. It has better rates of detecting and stopping malware. AV-Test gave it the maximum 6 points because the software detected almost all threats. Avast, on the other hand, got 5.5 in the same test.

AV-Comparatives also tested both programs. Again, Avira got better scores and an ADVANCED+ award. Avast is also reliable but it scored ADVANCED award.  

System Impact

Avast proved to have less impact on the system according to the independent test labs. It scored the highest results in the AV-Test research. As the company has stated, the impact is almost negligible. Avira also had a good score, 5.5, which could be improved.


The design and user-friendliness are essential for a good antivirus solution. Discussing this aspect, Avast has a better-organized design. It’s easy to navigate it and reach all the needed features. The dark-color scheme uses modules to group certain features and tools. A user may access the wanted element quickly and easily.

Avira is not complicated either. The software uses color-corrected schemes to define the status of protection and updates. There are modules on the left and some features in the middle of the screen. Yet, some little things could be improved to enhance user-friendliness.


Avira covers more devices delivering better value for the money. The price starts at $45 annually for one device. The biggest bundle costs $100 per year and covers up to 5 devices.

Avast cost from $60 to $120 per year for one device. The price goes up if you need to protect several devices in the household.

The verdict

All in all, Avast is a better antivirus program than Avira. It has better security features and additional features that maintain the system safe and responsive.

Avira is better at malware detection, on the other hand. So, take that into account when making a choice

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