GridinSoft Antivirus Review 2021

GridinSoft Antivirus is antispyware that not only removes viruses but also fixes damage in the operating system. This article will provide a complex review of this software.

What is GridinSoft Antivirus?

Anti-spyware programs are the same antiviruses, only sharpened, according to the developers, for detecting and removing malware that “regular” antivirus programs miss. Also, antispyware is not so deeply integrated into the system, which allows them to be used in parallel with other antivirus tools. Some of them also know how to eliminate the very consequences of computer infection.

An example of such anti-spyware is GridinSoft Anti-Malware – a simple but quite effective tool for removing malicious programs, as well as eliminating the changes that they have already made to system files and the registry. The scanner is capable of detecting and removing spyware and potentially unsafe programs, Trojans, Internet worms, aggressive adware modules, keyloggers, and other interceptors. An important advantage of the program is its ability to restore the original settings of the system and some programs, unless, of course, the damage was too serious. It removes additional system changes that some malware makes that are ignored by some standard antivirus scanners.

GridinSoft Antivirus is designed to remove malicious computer programs, including various types of adware (displays unwanted advertisements); spyware (transmitting your personal information, such as credit card information, by intercepting user actions from the keyboard or mouse); hidden dialers (can initiate unwanted phone calls), and more.

Key features can be described as follows:

  • Detects and removes various types of adware (display unwanted ads).
  • Detects and removes spyware (transmitting your personal information, such as credit card information, by intercepting user actions from the keyboard or mouse).
  • Detects and removes hidden dialers (can initiate unwanted phone calls), and more.
  • Efficiency of file scanning and detection of all malicious elements.
  • An original heuristic analyzer for the latest types of malware.
  • Regular database updates.

How does it work?

GridinSoft Anti-Malware is an antivirus utility designed specifically to disable/remove malware without having to manually edit system files or registry.

The key feature of the program is scanning. And to make it 100% reliable, GridinSoft Anti-Malware 2017 fits four types of this procedure. It supports four scanning modes:

  • fast (checking the most vulnerable spots);
  • full;
  • selective;
  • removable media scan.

If the anti-spyware detects a threat during the process, it displays the full path to it and notifies the user with a short beep. Detected threats can be removed, moved to the quarantine, or ignored. For added security, GridinSoft Anti-Malware has a real-time protection feature, but it works provided that other antivirus tools are disabled.

Additional anti-spyware features include resetting browser settings to default settings, managing quarantine contents, automatically creating logs of all operations performed by the program and the user, resetting DNS, HOSTS, policies, etc.

In the GridinSoft Anti-Malware settings, you can set the sensitivity of the antivirus scanner and heuristic analysis, enable/disable scanning of files larger than 64 MB, and automatically unload detected threats from memory.

There you can also set the frequency of virus database updates, create a list of exclusions, configure the built-in scheduler and select the interface language, among which Russian is selected by default. The anti-spyware program is available for download from the developer’s site The application is distributed under the shareware license, but for 15 days you can use it free of charge and without special restrictions.