Why Do VDR Providers Use Strong Encryption without Backdoors?

After the system has accumulated a lot of data over a certain period of time, it may need to be analyzed by a data analyst of VDR providers.

Virtual Environment that Uses Strong Encryption without Backdoors

The virtualized environment must comply with all the requirements of the standard so that virtualized systems can be treated as separate hardware. For example, there should be clear segmentation of functions and separation of networks with different levels of security.

Today, players in the dataroom can be roughly divided into two main parts. The first part is those who collect the first customers at the expense of the price. The desire to offer service at the lowest cost almost always means a drop in quality. Most customers start their work with just such services, choosing them for the price.

In the future, those who are satisfied with not always working mail or Skype for Business continue to use these services, because the cost of entering them is really minimal. However, more mature companies, for which downtime and data loss are unacceptable, subsequently, when choosing a provider, look not only at prices but also at SLA, guarantees, and technical solutions.

For example, the data of the consumption monitoring system are of interest from the point of view of identifying both the general structure of energy consumption and private anomalies in the form of searching for the most wasteful consumers and bottlenecks. This analysis should be done in direct interaction with the data scientist and is therefore called interactive.

The Importance of Using Strong Encryption without Backdoors for VDR Providers

VDR providers that use strong encryption without backdoors processes of any company can be conditionally divided into individual, characteristic only for it or for enterprises of the same profile, and standard. Standard (basic) IT processes are present in one form or another in all companies. These include such common corporate services as antivirus, mail, Skype, protection against DDoS attacks. These services are not ranked by industry and do not depend on the size of the company. They are in demand in almost any organization.

For example, if company employees need to create standard workplaces with customized email and Skype for Business, then the creation of a personal project is not required. In such cases, it is much easier to use the standard service, which will allow you to very quickly deploy the required number of workplaces and will not require the expense and time that would be needed for an individual project.

The advantages of VDR providers that use strong encryption without backdoors include:

  • minimum labor costs for the provision of services;
  • high expertise in this area;
  • low price per service unit;
  • maximum possible functionality, licenses, capacity, capacity.

The customer can make a personal project but will lose either in quality or in value since there are no economies of scale on his site. Hiring a separate specialist to work with an individual solution is not rational. In terms of quality, the situation is even simpler: if a vulnerability, error, or failure is detected in one of the clients, preventive measures are taken for the rest, excluding the possibility of a repetition of the situation. In the case of an individual project, you will have to learn only from your mistakes. If the name of the cardholder, service tag, and/or expiration date is stored, processed, or transmitted along with the PAN number or otherwise present in the cardholder data environment, then they must be protected as required.