Asus gaming laptops 2021

There is a large selection of gaming laptops, the capabilities of which allow you to enjoy the game even in the most demanding games. Of course, the price of such models will be much higher than ordinary laptops because they have top hardware. The characteristics of gaming laptops are suitable for modern games, and the most expensive models will have enough performance for many years to come, and this is very important because the parameters of laptops are very difficult to improve. Specialists, who have vast experience, will help you choose the right model.

Why Should You Choose Asus Gaming Laptops?

Asus gaming laptops can be equipped with an Intel or AMD processor, between which there is no special difference. The only thing is that some Intel processors show better gaming performance, but they are much more expensive. The processor is the most important component of asus gaming pc, which is responsible for processing all processes. For this reason, we always recommend overpaying for a quality processor, because it will provide excellent performance in games.

The Asus gaming laptop is also equipped with a good video card, which is required for modern gaming and watching movies in high resolution. In the best models, its capacity is 4 GB, but unfortunately, the cost prevents many from buying such equipment. The price of a laptop with similar characteristics will be high, but you will have a huge power reserve. Asus gaming laptops can be found at an affordable price, then you can run demanding games on medium graphics settings, which is quite enough.

Gaming Laptops of 2021

A good option would be a laptop running a seventh-generation Intel processor, then performance will be as high as possible today. If you do not have the opportunity to buy such an expensive model, then a good option would be Intel Core i5 and AMD A10 processors.

Often a gaming laptop refers to a mobile device with high-tech stuffing. It allows you to play your favorite shooters and space chases with maximum settings that can be compared to a PC. Avid gamers will appreciate such undeniable advantages of the laptop as:

  • portability;
  • no additional costs for the screen, keyboard, touchpad;
  • the ability to move the device to a convenient place for the player.

The disadvantages of this type of computer equipment include the following points:

  • the high price;
  • limited screen size;
  • problematic upgrade.

Different prices for gaming laptops are set depending on the parameters of the “iron” used in the design. The main nodes that determine the speed of the gaming system and computer power are:

  1. Processor – must have at least 4 cores and a clock speed of 2.4 GHz, preferably with the possibility of overclocking using Turbo Boost technology. The best choice will be an Intel Core i5 or Core i7 series processor.
  2. Video card – gaming laptops should provide high image quality thanks to a discrete video card. Today, AMD and NVIDIA manufacturers are leading with the top models in the respective Radeon HD and GeForce GTX lines.
  3. RAM is extremely important in a gaming laptop, so it is desirable to strive for maximum values.
  4. Hard drive – SATA, SSD, or hybrid version. SSD is better because it is lighter, more reliable, and more durable.