How to Pick a Dog Sweater Online?

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The large winter dog sweater will protect the big pet from hypothermia and wind, make walks in the fresh air longer and more enjoyable.

What to Consider When Buying

Sweaters for dogs – this is one of the options for warm demi-season clothing. Although there are also warmed models suitable for not too cold winters. A distinctive feature of sweaters is their integrity: such clothes do not need to be fastened and unfastened.

Signs of an Ideal Sweater are the Following:

  • Dense structure. A sweater is warm outerwear, which first of all should protect from the cold. Therefore, choose models with a tight viscous, in which your pet will not blow.
  • Minimum decor. An excessive amount of rhinestones, bows, hairpins, and jewelry can cause a dog inconvenience or even injure her.
  • Suitable size. You can choose the right size according to the recommendations that you will find on the model pages on our website. If you are not sure about the calculations, it is better to choose a larger size. Too narrow a small sweater will hamper the movement of the dog, and can also rub delicate skin under the paws.
  • How much does a dog sweater cost
  • The price category of sweaters for four-legged friends of the person is extensive. If we talk about quality products, then manufacturers of clothing for dogs delight owners with budget models from $ 20 with unusual products worth $ 80. However, no matter how much the sweater costs, the main thing is that your favorite will like it. Comfort and weather protection – these are the main criteria for choosing clothes for your pet.

What to Look for When Buying Dog Clothes?

For whatever purpose you choose clothes for your pet, strive to ensure that it is, first of all, comfortable for him. It is very important to choose the right size: the thing should sit freely and not hamper movement. In a too loose suit, the dog will get confused or he can simply slip off of it, and if the clothes are too small, then he will rub his skin and squeeze, which, of course, will interfere with running and active games.

Before buying a new thing, take measurements from your pet: you need to know the length of the back (from the neck to the tailbone), the circumference of the chest and neck. It happens that manufacturers indicate on the product the breed and gender of the animal for which the thing is intended or mark it with Latin symbols familiar to us: XS, S, M, L, etc. To determine the exact size, look on the Internet or ask the seller for a table of dimensional characteristics of the rocks, which indicate the correspondence of the letter to body parameters.

Do not be too lazy to make a try before buying clothes and shoes and observe how the pet will behave in the new thing. If the dog unnaturally throws out its paws, scratches its neck or does not want to walk at all, then the costume causes her discomfort.

Check the internal seams: a too coarse or poorly finished seam when worn will abrade the coat and irritate the skin. As for the fasteners, it is advisable to avoid buying things with a lace-up: tying it will take time for training for a walk, and besides, it can get loose on the street. Velcro or zipper products are much more practical, for long-haired dogs – on hooks or

with buttons. It is worth paying attention to other elements of clothing: it is better to abandon street costumes with various ribbons, rhinestones, lace, and other excesses – they are likely to interfere during active games and, also, the dog can pull the jewelry in his mouth.

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