Is it Possible to Find ESET Antivirus for Free?

Is it Possible to Find ESET Antivirus for Free? - Post Thumbnail

The difference between ESET Antivirus and current antivirus programs is a relatively small absorption of system resources. The new and ESET patented ThreatSense technology makes it possible to detect new viruses with definitely higher accuracy.

ESET Antivirus Review

According to tests by Virus Bulletin, this is the only antivirus program that has not left unattended any virus that was in effect at the time of the scan for more than seven years. In addition, this program has a very powerful function to search for polymorphic viruses in the form of a mounted virtual emulator.

Based on testing results at SE Labs, NOD32 received the highest AAA certification. Bitdefender, Kaspersky, Norton and some other products earned the same rating. In the comprehensive AV-Test assessment, ESET received 15.5 points. The product received a maximum of 6 points for ease of use, 5 points for protection and 4.5 points for performance. In four tests, AV-Comparatives NOD32 received two of the highest Advanced + ratings and two Advanced ratings.

The world-famous software product that provides effective anti-virus protection with little use of system resources. A counteraction to computer and Internet threats of a different nature is guaranteed.

The solution was developed with the participation of ThreatSense technology, due to which the action of malicious software of any origin, including the operation of its mutated versions, is detected and eliminated.

Features and Specifications

This antivirus is popular for its characteristics and properties. So, this software solution offers the following features:

  • minimum workstation resources are used
  • Provides maximum ease of management
  • provides protection in social networks
  • game mode works
  • devices are monitored
  • Improved memory verification
  • protection against hidden threats is used
  • monitoring of downloaded files
  • HIPS
  • management of removable storage media
  • verification is performed using cloud technologies
  • antiphishing
  • antispyware, antivirus
  • anti-rootkit
  • proactive threat detection.

ESET NOD32 Antivirus is an excellent program for protecting your computers from viruses, if not the best. For about four years, it was recommended to buy NOD32 antivirus, and most users did not regret it at all.

How to Use ESET Antivirus for Free

A free trial is available for this software. In this case, the program is activated for a short period of time. Each client can activate only one trial license.

When purchasing a program, activate it using a license key, which can be supplied with the boxed version, or be in electronic form when purchasing the program via the Internet.

The license key is a unique string in the format XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX or XXXX-XXXXXXXX, which is used to identify the owner and activate the license.


The advantages of this product include:

  • good results in laboratory tests
  • New UEFI Scanner Detects Malicious Modules in Hardware Firmware
  • HIPS component blocks exploits
  • quick system scan
  • highly effective device control

The disadvantages:

  • weak phishing protection
  • the device control component is complicated for many users

We also draw your attention to the fact that you can use it for free only with a trial version. Next, you will have to pay for the license and enter the key that you bought.

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