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ProtonVPN is the VPN service that secures the online connection. It hides the identity encrypts and online your data. For the ProtonVPN review, it protects the privacy. When using ProtonVPN, you can go to their website and then register the account. You can download this app for the operating system, fix, and then load the program. When that is done right, you are supposed to choose the server when connecting it. Simple click on a country, and then you will automatically be connected.

When signing up for the ProtonVPN, it is much easy than it is to be, even though there are some unexpected complexities. For instance, you may pay in Bitcoin, but if you are the new user, then you cannot directly provide the details on the payment form. You can also contact the support by following the instructions and then wait for about 36 hours.

With the PayPal payment, there is no issue when going through. After you have handed over the cash, the ProtonVPN will be directed to the account dashboard. The handy web portal has the useful information and files being account details, OpenVPN configuration files generator, login credentials, and download link for Windows client. There are links to the instructions when setting up Linux, Mac, Android devices, and iOS.

It has the client which looks excellent, with the polished and professional interface. It can open with the zoom-able world map that works more as expected. In this, you can spin mouse wheel when zooming in and out, then left click by dragging to move around. The server locations are being highlighted, and can connect to anything when you click.

If you do not need the map, you will collapse a client down to the regular list of the locations. The Icons highlight the servers that support P2P or Tor. Expanding any situation, you need to records which is available servers, with the indication of the load, and then connect with the click.

With the Profiles feature, it works like the sort-of favorites system. The client comes typically with the two profiles where the fastest connection to the fastest available server and the Random chooses the different server every time. In this, it is more comfortable when you create more. When you are the heavy torrent users, for example, you can create the profile called P2P that automatically connects to the fastest server in the P2P-friendly location. Also, you need to set this as a default profile, and it will be launched any time you click the Quick Connect in the main window.

A client gives you an unusual amount of the feedback on a current session. You do not just need to see the new IP, but there is the time connected as far as this. There is the data downloaded and the uploaded, server load, and current download and the upload speeds. If the location works very well, you will set it as your Favorite/profile with the click. Generally, ProtonVPN has a decent privacy policy. Consistent with their website, ProtonVPN can store the single timestamp of the account for the most recent login.

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