NordVPN Overview

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NordVPN Overview

NordVPN offers a VPN facility at a moderately cheaper value that enables its clients to browse secretly and safely. There’s no uncertainty that NordVPN is the most blazing name on the VPN advertise nowadays, in spite of the gossipy tidbits that irritated it recently that it logs clients information. At first look, it’s difficult to find any flaw and bug in NordVPN. It can sidestep even the trickiest VPN blocks to get to Netflix USA.

Some sites have highly recommended the use of NordVPN for privacy and protected use while some sites still have mixed reviews. We have gone through some of the most authentic resources to get the truth about NordVPN. This NordVPN review will cover the best features and cons of NordVPN.

Pros of NordVPN

This NordVPN review is going to cover both the pros and cons of NordVPN. So, you can decide that either it is going to be a perfect pick for you or not.

Strong Features of NordVPN

If we rank NordVPN overall, it may be able to get the 2nd position in the list according to different reviews and feedback. The price is comparatively cheaper but still, they have not compromised over the features of NordVPN.

It offers some great features like:

  •         Access to Netflix
  •         IP hiding option
  •         Kill switch
  •         Available for 62 countries
  •         Secure and safer servers

NordVPN is only compatible with iOS and android but they also have special protocols for 40 other mobile and PC operating systems and routers.

Double Data Protection

If you want to keep your presence too secure and private, you can enable the double data protection in NordVPN. It will use two connections to access your target. In this way, you can hide your original IP in the most effective way.

No Logging Policy

NordVPN has a strong user community and their clients trust them with their private data and information. You can go through different VPN reviews and you will find that many other brands share their user logs to 3rd parties.

They have clearly stated on their site that doesn?t track user data but still, they can monitor less important data but it will not affect your privacy.

Best Option for Netflix and Torrenting

You can access almost every geo-restricted site with the help of NordVPN. Top services providers like Netflix and Torrents have strong and well-protected safeguards yet NordVPN can bypass all of these blocks.

NordVPN is fast and stable

Speed is the main concern of every user while choosing any VPN software. NordVPN has a plus point over other VPN service providers as they have passed the speed tests with flying colors.

Cons of NordVPN

Here are some points that you must know about NordVPN.

  • There are some doubts about the connection of NordVPN with shady service providers
  • They have a slow refund process

Final Words

If you ask for final words, we think that you can go for NordVPN as it is a complete package packed with the latest features in a comparatively affordable price.